A little bit from the team at InfoWarCon!

InfoWarCon 18 will again unite a highly elite group of political, military, academic, DIYer, and commercial cyber-leaders and thinkers from around the world to examine the current, future, and potential hostile use of cyber and related information technologies and how to neutralize the current ones. Since the initial InfoWarCon in 1994 we have hosted the event in multiple venues across the US and Europe. This year InfoWarCon is from November 1-3 with Training scheduled for Oct. 30 and 31 at the National Conference Center, Leesburg, VA.

Previously, typical comments were, “We didn’t expect it to be THIS good!” This year, we want to exceed even that laudatory compliment. Our Board of Advisors has selected speakers and invited participants based on originality, creativity, demonstrability, controversy, and communications skills  in order to provide IWC 18 participants with the most insightful and thought provoking content.

The last year has been a hot bed of cyber activity that needs to be analyzed and discussed at the international strategic level. Among those, broad topics of particular interest are: Undeclared Cyberwar, Technology, and Policy.

For a new InfoWarCon first pre-conference training is available!  Additional training details can be found on the Registration page.