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Travis Hartman


Jason Healey

Dr. Hans C. Mumm                    


Winn Schwartau

Wally Prather and Dave Marcus

Wally Prather
Dave Marcus



Joshua Crumbaugh  AKA Naga

Dave Kennedy

Evolving Attack Patterns: Noise in the Wire

Attack patterns change continuously and it’s becoming more challenging to identify a shifting target. Enterprises focus on a substantial amount of investment when protecting; however, visibility slips over time due to not keeping up with attackers. This talk walks into how attackers are circumventing current technologies and what we need to do from an enterprise to get better at defensive capabilities.

Attackers are focusing on newer capabilities that limit logging and are designed to emulate legitimate communications. With such a vast moving target, understanding attack patterns becomes highly useful and paves a way forward in defending differently. This talk is designed for all audience levels to show how effective tactics, techniques and procedures of attackers can morph into legitimate behavior and hard to spot.

Joe Slowik


Matthew G. Devost