Conference Theme


Within the context of Cyber conflict, the following somewhat synonymous terms apply in all three domains: The cyber, the physical/kinetic and the human. What can be trusted and to what extent? Does the Crowd Have Moldable Wisdom? How should we use this in geo political competition? Why does cyber-security minimize the value of ‘integrity’? Deception works well in the cyber and human domains and history is chock full of kinetic examples. Can code be absolutely trusted and is 100% idM even achievable? Then a dose of AI begs the questions, “where do we crash the drone and what is the assumptive bias for Trolleyological conundra?” Information Warfare has evolved to a contextual battlefield, where the terrain is defined by the contenders – as if the chessboard reconfigured itself between every move. Become part of this intimate inter-disciplinary discussion.

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