Drones and Electronic Warfare – Two Day Course-Oct. 30 and Oct. 31, 2018
Trainers – DroneWarz, the team behind the DefCon Village

$1150 – includes conference attendance
$800- training only
Whether used for search and rescue after an earthquake, smuggling drugs over a prison wall, or military reconnaissance drones are everywhere. In this two day course we examine the ecosystem from manufacture to employment. We go over the Legal requirements and technical aspects from subsystems to frequency manipulation.  To help in planning and evaluating technologies we examine the fundamentals of electronic attack and protection.  Students who complete the training will know what to consider for drone and counter drone employment and how to evaluate vendor technologies to get past the marketing fluff.  Students will have hands on with different drones and the ability to build an auto-tracking defensive turret.
Prerequisite: Experience with systems concepts (supply chain, operator, and communication), radio wave propagation, or drone operation is a plus.  If you have worked with wireless networks and had to deal with antennas and signal interference that is a plus.  A willingness to learn and apply the knowledge of small teams to problem sets will make sure you succeed.

Audience: Security architects; facility protection, and planners for government operations
MATERIAL: Laptop, a willingness to experiment, and an interest in collaboration.

Red Team Social Engineering, Advanced Tactics to Make You A Social Engineering SuperStar  – One Day Course Oct. 31, 2018
Trainer- Joshua Crumbaugh aka Naga
$1150- Training and conference
$800 – Training only

 Syllabus for Training -Josh Crumbaugh

This training is designed to give attendees the tactics, confidence, and training necessary to become a highly successful social engineer. Attendees will learn how to chain attacks, increase the probability of success, plan for attacks and so much more. Anyone who desires to be able to do things like talk their way into bank vaults, data centers, SCIFs or casino money cages needs to attend this training. We will have a hands-on portion of the education where attendees will put their newfound knowledge to use in a fun phone-based exercise designed to exercise their knowledge.
Prerequisite:Understanding of basic social engineer ing concepts and the understanding of basic network penetration testing concepts.
Audience: This course is targeted toward individuals looking to enhance their social engineering knowledge and capabilities. This course will give them the skills necessary to excel in social engineering.
Material: Bring a Laptop with: 4 GB of RAM at Minimum and Quad-Core Processor at Minimum Ability to Run Virtual Machines


Radicalization and Counter/Cyber Jihadist Operations Analyst – RCCJOA

October 31, 2018

Limited to 12 students:

Trainer – Mubin Shaikh
$1400.Training Only   $1825.Training and Conference

You will be given a Final Certification Test


Check out the Training Video: